More beautiful skin through menoelle® and EstroG-100®

When you choose menoelle®, you can solve two concerns at once. Not only will your menopausal complaints improve, but your complexion will also benefit. Oestrogen is primarily considered the female sex hormone, but is less known for being important for beautiful skin or, for example, bone health.

Menopausal complaints can greatly vary and impair quality of life in different ways.

Oestrogen and the complexion

Oestrogen makes the skin look healthier, mainly through three effects:

  • It activates the constant renewal and regeneration of the top skin layer,
  • mobilises the formation of collagen which is responsible for firmer skin,
  • and in doing so, ensures better water-binding capacity and thus greater firmness in the skin.

The pregnancy hormone progesterone also provides support by inhibiting the permanent breakdown of collagen by endemic enzymes.

During the menopause, the oestrogen level (and also that of progesterone) increasingly fall, causing the content of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin to drop. The skin becomes thinner, more sensitive and drier, while first wrinkles and pigment spots may form. This skin aging process is very individual and also depends on other factors such as sunlight exposure, smoking or environmental influences. In the same way, a healthy lifestyle plays a crucial way: Healthy diet, lots of exercise and plenty of UV protection have a positive effect on the complexion.

Another way of preventing this skin aging is early skincare with cosmetic products which are hydrating (such as with hyaluronic acid), rich in nourishing nutrients and lipids, and have an anti-aging effect.

But even with menoelle®, the complexion improves, as shown by two current studies with EstroG-100®, the active ingredient of menoelle®.

In a second study, women were asked how EstroG-100® affects their complexion.

  • More than half of all participating women stated that their skin was better hydrated when using EstroG-100®.
  • 42% of participants stated that their skin was more elastic.
  • One in five women stated that their skin looked smoother and more radiant.