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Acid resistance

Vaginal health

Vaginal moisture

In many ways, vaginal health is a sensitive subject. The natural acid resistance and natural vaginal moisture ensure a healthy balance in the vagina, which can sometimes be disrupted by various influences.

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Vaginal moisture and dryness

The vaginal balance is protected by around 100 million lactic acid bacteria (per millilitre of vaginal fluid). The healthy and therefore desirable lactic acid bacteria work hard to produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Other undesirable pathogens are kept in check in this acidic and antibiotic environment, keeping the vagina reliably protected against infections. To ensure they can fulfil their important task, the lactic acid bacteria require a certain level of natural moisture. For this reason, women experiencing vaginal dryness are more susceptible to vaginal infections.

Natural vaginal health during the menopause

The natural acid resistance of the vagina is based on a slightly acidic environment. The natural acid value in a healthy vagina lies at a pH value of 3.8–4.5. An increase in this acid value could cause undesirable pathogens to multiply, resulting in vaginitis or a vaginal infection.

The vaginal balance can be supported by a suitable diet (such as probiotics or refraining from excessive carbohydrate consumption) and sufficient liquid intake with healthy drinks such as water or tea and, if any risk factors are present or there is a tendency towards vaginitis, restored using suitable remedies.

Of course, the vaginal mucosa also become thinner. The medical term for this is vaginal atrophy. The mucosa loses its natural moisture, becomes more sensitive, is more easily irritated and may burn or itch.

One proven measure for alleviating these unpleasant symptoms is vaginal lubricants, which restore the necessary moisture to the dry mucosa. As the sensitive mucosa doesn’t have any protective layer like normal skin and can therefore be damaged, irritated and permeated more easily by synthetic chemicals, particularly with long-term use, it is all the more important that any remedies for vaginal application are as natural and hormone-free as possible and don’t contain any harmful substances.


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menoelle® Gel – The hormone-free and natural alternative

When used regularly, menoelle® gel can restore the vagina’s natural acid resistance. The optimal combination for vaginal dryness and a pH value imbalance: menoelle® Vaginal Gel and menoelle® OVULA med Vaginal Suppositories.


  • menoelle® Gel is the hormone-free, natural alternative to synthetic and chemical vaginal gel moisturisers.
  • menoelle® Gel enables lasting natural moisture based on herbal raw ingredients.
  • menoelle® Gel is 95% organic and supplies the dry mucosal cells with just as much moisture as they need to feel pleasant and naturally moist. Thanks to its hydrating, slightly cooling and soothing effect, aloe vera stimulates the regeneration of the sensitive mucosa.
  • menoelle® Gel is free from dyes and fragrances, as well as any substances known to irritate mucous membranes, and free from ingredients such as glycerine, oil and petroleum-based products or parabens (hormone mimics) that may alter or damage the healthy vaginal flora.
  • menoelle® Gel has a gentle and natural effect and is suitable even in cases of extreme sensitivity.
  • menoelle® Gel offers guaranteed purity with certified organic status.
  • menoelle® Gel is safe for use with condoms made of latex and polyisoprene.
  • menoelle® Gel is proven by health experts and by women to provide soothing, safe and pleasant relief from the uncomfortable symptoms caused by vaginal dryness during the menopause. And of course, it is clinically tested.
Produkt menoelle® Gel


You can purchase menoelle® GEL from your local pharmacy.

You can also purchase menoelle® GEL online at menoelle, aponow, dm or Amazon.


menoelle® OVULA med – The hormone-free and natural alternative

A treatment with menoelle® OVULA med Vaginal Suppositories can restore and preserve vaginal health. The optimal combination for vaginal dryness and a pH value imbalance: menoelle® Vaginal Gel and menoelle® OVULA med Vaginal Suppositories.


  • menoelle® OVULA med is the hormone-free, natural alternative for pH value imbalances and/or vaginal dryness.
  • menoelle® OVULA med is a medical product that helps maintain the natural defences of the vagina and promotes the restoration of healthy vaginal flora.
  • menoelle® OVULA med enthält Milchsäure und Borsäure, um bei einem aus dem Gleichgewicht geratenen pH-Wert den natürlichen vaginalen pH-Wert wiederherzustellen.
  • menoelle® OVULA med contains lactic acid and boric acid to help restore the natural vaginal pH value of any pH value imbalances.
  • menoelle® OVULA med contains hyaluronic acid, which exerts a hydrating and lubricating action against vaginal dryness and helps to restore a natural and comfortable vaginal environment.
  • menoelle® OVULA med is free from hormones and chemical preservatives.
  • menoelle® OVULA med is based on natural ingredients which are therefore found in nature.
Produkt menoelle® OVULA med


menoelle® OVULA med you can purchase from your local pharmacy.

You can also purchase menoelle® OVULA med online menoelle, aponow, dm, Amazon.

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Vaginal dryness – Nothing to do with age

Vaginal dryness has nothing to do with age, but it is a common phenomenon during the menopause.

Around half of all menopausal women are affected. When female hormone levels drop, the increasing shortage of oestrogen, also known as the beauty hormone for a reason, also affects the skin, with skin aging particularly noticeable in the face through thinning and a loss of moisture.

And of course, the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner, known as vaginal atrophy in the medical world, and loses its natural moisture. It becomes more sensitive, is more easily irritated and may burn or itch.

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