How is the EstroG-100® extract from menoelle® produced?

The EstroG-100® extract is the wonderful marriage of century-old traditions, proven Korean plant power and state-of-the-art innovation and research.

EstroG-100® has already won a number of international prizes and is probably one of the most successful herbal extracts to come from South Korea. The most significant awards are: Best Botanical Award 2014 (USA), World-Class Product Award 2011 (South Korea), Gold Medal Inventions Geneva 2008 (Switzerland). EstroG-100® has already been sold in the USA, Canada and South Korea for many years – already over 10 million times on account of its good tolerability. In 2017, EstroG-100® was approved as a Novel Food by the EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority) and is now finally also permitted to be sold in Europe.

The three medicinal herbs are grown in selected contracted farms in the Korean mountains to ensure consistent quality and purity in the EstroG extract. At the ICHEON site, a state-of-the-art production facility certified in line with international technological standards, the ingredients are carefully obtained from the roots using hot water extraction and then spray-dried within seconds to form the EstroG-100® extract.

Production of the EstroG-100® extract is subject to a strict quality control and includes extensive testing at all production steps. The raw material and the EstroG-100® extract are tested for 250 different pesticides and heavy metals (such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury) as well as microbial purity. The modern production facilities are supervised by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and operate according to international production standards (such as GMP and HACCP).